Author guidelines

Form and preparation of manuscripts

The manuscripts must be submitted by email to:
César Rivera

Manuscripts should be as concise as possible (ideally contributions should be no more than 3000 words). Only manuscripts written in English or Spanish will be considered. All pages should be double-spaced throughout include page numbers, and have 2.5 cm margins.

They should be organized as follows: title page, running title, summary and key words, introduction, material and method, results, discussion, acknowledgments, and references. The results and discussion sections may be combined.

Title page: should include: title, full name of author(s), institutional affiliation with complete address, running title not exceed 45 letters and spaces, and the name, address, phone and fax number, and the e-mail address of the corresponding author; if this manuscript (or grant) was subsidized, indicate the sponsorship and the number of the process at the bottom of the page.

Abstract (unstructured): should not exceed 200 words and should be formatted to serve in lieu of a concluding summary. It should refer concisely to the rest of the paper. Append three to five key words at the end of the abstract (from the Medical Subject Heading from the Index Medicus).

Text: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion (research articles).

Tables: Each table must have a self-explanatory title, be numbered in order of appearance with Roman numerals, and be cited at an appropriate point in the text. Tables should present comparisons of data that are too cumbersome to describe in the text. Illustrations are numbered with Arabic numeral.

Figures and Illustrations: The illustration and Figures in Jpg format, at 300 dpi. Can be sent in color or Black and White. Abbreviations used on figures should be defined in the legend must match exactly those used in the text. If it is necessary, use letters, numbers or transferable symbols.

Acknowledgments: Should be grouped in a paragraph at the end of the text and before the references.

Declaration of interests: Declare any possible conflicts of interest in your paper.

References: Must be in the Vancouver style. They should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the text.

Letters to the Editor: Letters should be sent by email to the Editor-in-Chief at cerivera{@} The Editor-in-Chief will read all letters regardless of which email address they are sent to. Slight editorial changes often need to be made for reasons of space, clarity or grammatical correctness. Please note that the Editor-in-Chief’s decision as to the exact content and length of the letter is final.

Images: Include a title for your submission. The title should contain no more than eight words. No more than two authors may be listed. The legend should contain no more than 150 words. You may upload your figures separately. The legend to the image should succinctly present relevant clinical information, including a short description of the patient’s history, relevant physical and laboratory findings, clinical course, response to treatment (if any), and condition at last follow-up. All labeled structures in the image should be described and explained in the legend. The legend should have callouts corresponding to each panel, if there is more than one. Any information that might identify the patient or hospital, including the date, should be removed from the image.

Posters: Presented at any conference during last three years are wellcome. Only posters and board demonstrations which have been evaluated, accepted and presented by an academic/scientific committee of a conference may be submitted. The author shall submit his/her poster for publication in MS Powerpoint format. See specific instructions Poster section (PDF).

Ethics: Articles involving clinical research should conform to the guidelines issued in the Declaration of Helsinki where applicable, and in general should have ethical committee approval. All animal experiments should comply with the National Institutes of Health guide for the care and use of Laboratory animals. Reports of clinical trials must conform to the CONSORT statement and reports of systematic reviews of clinical trials must conform to the PRISMA statement.

License to Publish: All published content is distributed under a license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, which allows the development of free cultural works.